We Think "Differentially"

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Corbia International, LLC, founded in 1972, is a forty-one year old multi-functional consulting firm. We are organizers and facilitators. We bring together diverse resources in situations where each can supply one or more pieces to solving a problem or creating something new.

Our history and track record prove our effectiveness in "out-of-the-box" thinking and problem solving. Our International partners and clients have included both domestic and foreign governments at various levels plus Corporations, Agencies and many types of organizations.

Corbia International, LLC is interested in creating a better world both abroad and at home. To this end we have maintained significant humanitarian and philanthropic activities in developing nations for several years. At the same time we continue to focus on major problems facing us at home. We have been active in Eastern Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. Primary focus has been in Ukraine and adjoining countries where we have participated in the emerging economic development, transition to a market economy, political reorganization and the forming of mutually beneficial links to American business, medical, educational and political entities.

Consulting Services

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We are providing consulting services to upgrade healthcare and medicine wherever it is needed.

Corbia International, LLC has joined forces with a major U.S. biomedical research organization, to bring cancer research and cancer therapy to countries around the world. We are currently building a consortium of partners in Eastern Europe to work in the international arena with the objective of accelerating the cure of cancer and saving lives. In addition, we are developing a global distribution network to discover and market proven medicines, therapies and equipment to upgrade healthcare on an international scale.

Our goal is to improve healthcare wherever we can and to eliminate cancer without the serious side effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy. Results are proving to be very exciting for certain cancers with more on the horizon. While RenewQL does not treat cancer, it does help cancer and other patients quickly recover the essential elements lost due to their treatments or other causes, thus allowing them to recovery their Quality of Life much quicker.